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With no compromise to: quality, service, warranty or professionalism, Powerflushdoctor offers a more personal service, at the same high standard as the market leaders but at an affordable price. We do not have high overheads, we don’t pay commission, we don’t appear on sponsored links which is reflected in our competitive pricing.

powerflush costs
1 to 3 radiators, combi boiler - ₤ 190
Each additional radiator - ₤ 20
Open vent system add - ₤ 30
Replacing circulatory pump - ₤ 50
Installing magna clean central heating cleaner (supplied and fitted) - ₤ 130
Installing new thermostatic radiator valves (labour each) - ₤ 20
Landlord, home owner gas certificate - from ₤ 55
  • VAT included, all work fully guaranteed
  • powerflush certificate included

A Powerflush needs to be performed by trained engineers and there will be no mess or complicated installations. All our engineers are trained to the highest standard.

Powerflushing will only cure corrosion related problems. It will not solve any problems arising from faulty components, design or installation faults.

If you are looking to replace your existing gas central heating boiler I can change your old boiler for COMPETITIVE PRICE and powerflush will be 25% CHEAPER. Remember powerflush your heating sytem before you install new boiler (see new boiler warning)

. Please note when enquiring about a powerflush we need to know the following:
  • how many panels (some radiators consist of one panel, some consist of two panels)
  • type and make of boiler
Additional services:
  • Boiler installations (Vaillant advance installer)
  • Installing new radiators and thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Installing electronic lime scale protection
  • Replacing circulatory pump
  • Installing magna clean filter
  • Boiler service
  • Landlord certificates

Central Heating and Boilers

- installation, service, repair -

Powerflush London

powerflush symptoms


  • The boiler or pump is noisy
  • Combi boiler blocked heat exchanger, hot water demand - boiler fires up than goes off
  • Reduced hot water temperature
  • Boiler overheats or shuts off when hot water is needed
  • The radiators have cold spots or not working
  • It takes ages for the system to warm up
  • Radiators need regular bleeding of accumulated air
  • Evidence of sludge and rust in the system
  • Pump failures

Coming soon

- powerflush training courses -

- we will share our expertise -
how to powerflush boiler
how to powerflush radiators
how to unblock heat exchanger

blocked heat exchanger

powerflush pump Corrosion inside circulatory pump causing pump failures and circulation problems.

powerflush diverter valve Rust reduced the diverter valve diameter from 22mm to around 7mm severely reducing circulation.

powerflush boiler Inside the internal boiler component, dirt and rust causing boiler breakdowns.

We supply and fit water treatment products
Only ₤ 130 supplied and fitted

magnaclean filter

Magnaclean filter

fernox TF1

Fernox TF1

spirotech magnabooster2

Spirotech MagnaBooster2

We do power flush also known as powerflush , powerflushing or power flushing, in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Bucks and Herts.